Best Techno Festivals Soundtrack - Pure Techno Underground, EP02

(00:01) – No Time - Sebastian Voigt (Outcast Oddity)
(04:34) – The Message (Dub) - Butch (Tuskagee)
(09:35) – A New Journey - Synthek (Natch Records)

(12:49) – XLB - Pearson Sound (self-released)
aka David Kennedy from London, England)
(15:21) – Sensory Deprivation - Oscar Mulero (MORD)
(?) – Josh Wink - Denial (L.B. Dub Corporation Remix)
- this is one of the ones that didn't make the video version, but it's fun, because it now IS the future. Spooky.
(18:28) – Safe - Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
- very under-rated release by one of the main chaps behind Daniel Avery's 1st album Drone Logic. You can hear that Korg Mono Poly sound on this one too, James Greenwood's instrument of choice

(24:57) – Volques - Amandra (Ahrpe Records)
- I believe this is vinyl only
(28:08) – Illuse - Alex Bau (Cocoon Recordings)
- I love the "end of world" vibes on this. The polyrhythm used here is awesome.
(33:16) – Focus (Rod Remix) - Truncate
(self-released by Truncate) this is a good song if you want to remind yourself to focus.

(36:51) – Ruins Of Dignity - Leiras (ownlife)
(40:20) – Sink - Ground Loop
(self-released) This is another vinyl release, from Melbourne Australia, and they have a Bandcamp as well with the digital.
(44:31) – Ardent - Kangding Ray (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
That label name makes it sound like you're examining something ancient, in a petri dish

(47:40) – Another One (Len Faki Remix) - Truncate (self-released)
(50:40) – Vision (Obscure Shape & SHDW Rmx) - Radio Slave (Rekids)
(Rekids, which is Radio Slave's label aka Matt Edwards)
(53:38) – Dwarf Planets - Dimi AngĂ©lis (Construct Re-Form)
This one is vinyl only. I like this, although it appears that not much is changing throughout the song, I personally hear all sorts morphing as the song progresses. Subtle stuff

(58:00?) – Moderat - Running (Shed remix) (Monkeytown Records)
- This was the original ending of the video, but for some reason this particular song (Running) is ban ned from being used on youtube so I had to re-render the video and upload the whole thing again!

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